How many horsepower have MotoGP?

How many horsepower have MotoGP?

The MotoGP are the fastest motorcycles in the world, able to reach 0 to 100 km/h in just over two seconds and reach top speeds of up to 360 kilometers per hour. All this is obviously favored by the extremely limited weight of the motorcycles, which thanks to the massive presence of carbon fiber in the frame and hull do not exceed 160 kilograms in weight.

Horsepower MotoGP

The number of horsepower of a MotoGp obviously remains secret and known only by the manufacturer. At moment the most powerful engine is owned by Ducati. His 1000cc desmosedici is close to 300 horsepower. A little less for Honda and Yamaha, who still manage to make up for that slight lack of engine thanks to a good chassis. Still back Suzuki and KTM, which hardly exceed 270 horsepower.

Electronics management on MotoGP

On MotoGp not only horsepower count, but also their delivery. In 2018 the control unit was standardized and is supplied by Magneti Marelli. This has caused numerous problems for the teams that have had to reorganize themselves in order to make the most of the power of their engine. Historically the team that has suffered most problems related to electronics has been Yamaha, which has lost all the advantage it had managed to get thanks to a good chassis due to electronics problems.

Why control unit standardized?

The control unit has been standardized to try to reduce the costs of developing a MotoGp. Also in the other categories the control unit has been standardized and supplied by an external super-partes supplier. Even in Superstock the control unit is the one mounted on road bikes.

Other important specifications

On MotoGp, unlike Formula 1, horsepower are not so decisive for the victory of a Grand Prix or championship.

In addition to horsepower, other key factors for final victory are existing. These factors in fact relate to braking, tire management (especially front), chassis and fuel consumption. In particular, it is essential to have a very tight motorcycle on the front end when braking and turning, a factor in which Marc Marquez is the best. If in fact the Spanish driver is able to perform the stunts with which he delights us every race weekend is precisely because he manages to have an extraordinary feeling about the front end, which remains close to the asphalt despite a slightly more posterior skidding.


In any case, the horsepower of a MotoGp are definitely higher than any bike on the road, including the Superbike. The 1000cc four cylinders are all above 250 horsepower and have an extremely high weight-to-power ratio.

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